Strength in Local Relationships

Posted Wed, 06/06/2012 - 14:25

Strong local service helped food and drink retailer E.H. Booths & Co make its decision to upgrade its warehouse range through CESAB dealership Rack-N-Stak.

The company’s manufacturing and distribution centre in Bluebell Way, Preston, relies on efficient warehouse equipment to load, unload and transport its fresh produce on a daily basis. Chilled and fresh foods are brought here, stored and sent out to Booths’ 28 Northern stores almost constantly.

The chilled warehouse operates at a 1° temperature, with between 80 and 100 deliveries bringing over 200 pallets of freshfood to the dock area here daily.

Goods have to be transported efficiently from the dock levellers and picking trucks into the chilled area.

When it decided to upgrade its warehouse equipment, Booths turned to CESAB dealer Rack-N-Stak. After reviewing operations, sales director Dave Bertram recommended CESAB powered pallet trucks. Booths bought several CESAB P220s which now run from 4am to 7pm, six days a week.

Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards using *TPS, the CESAB P220 has a compact design designed for high levels of manoeuvrability in distribution settings. The length of the truck’s centrally placed tiller arm allows excellent control and manoeuvrability by operators of all heights. The tiller length also helps ensure operators are a safe distance from the truck and provides high levels of visibility.

The handle and controls of the CESAB P220 are designed to enable precise pallet handling. An ambidextrous handle places all the controls within easy reach of the operator, regardless of hand size, even in confined spaces.

Safety is improved by a chassis skirt that sits less than 1.5 inches high and rounds away from the operator to help protect their feet, while the drive wheel is mounted close to the frame to help ensure excellent ramp handling and an uncompromising combination of safety and manoeuvrability. Emergency buttons are on both the tiller and truck body. The body mounted emergency button both cuts the power and applies the brake, while the tiller mounted button reverses the direction of the truck to prevent the operator being crushed.

The CESAB P220’s power unit slope towards the forks, allowing effortless and precise load handling at ground level.

The strength of the relationship with local dealership Rack-N-Stak was a significant factor for Booths, says warehouse manager Chris Miller: “Rack-N-Stak is a well respected North West dealership and, having worked with them in the past, we were confident that they would come up with a solution that was right for us and they did.”